Manawatu Song

Songwriting workshop Palmerston North May 2012
Songwriting workshop Palmerston North May 2012


Please click on the link to listen to a rough version of the workshop song we created on our recent wonderful trip to Palmerston North

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In our workshop it was discussed that the Manawatu River was one of the most heavily polluted in the southern hemisphere.  This song is a plea for all those involved to get together to save the river.  I have added a singalong “chant chorus”.  Got a feeling I may have “stolen” part of this tune from John Maynard and Brass Razoo as they played to the excited and revolutionary masses on the Hikoi in Wellington.  Thanks to everyone involved.

Manawatu – Big River You Are Strong


Manawatu, Manawatu, big river you are strong

Manawatu, Manawatu, in your heart we all belong


The money’s talking louder than the river

Manawatu’s heart is standing still

There’s a pulse that’s slowly growing weaker

It’s time to get together to rebuild


Greed is filling waters with pollution

While powers that be they just don’t seem to care

We’re getting this toxic reputation

But together we can save it from despair


Determined we can raise a thousand voices

And united into action we can turn

Our river back to life and its true beauty

And it’s lessons that we cannot fail to learn



Geoff Francis - Songwriting workshop Palmerston Nth May 2012